byKK creates interior spaces that trigger the emotions through story and visual drama. By setting a tone of discovery and surprise, we convert the personal…

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byKK is a concept driven interior design studio passionate about transforming spaces into unique experiences and immersive destinations.

Drawing inspiration from various forms of creativity, local culture, and craftsmanship to shape compelling narratives that manifest as distinctive, playful, emotive, and bold interiors.

With a team of highly talented designers from around the world, we have extensive experience in various design sectors, including lifestyle hotels, private residences, bespoke workspaces, and retail environments.

byKK’s holistic approach to design, combined with an unwavering artistic spirit, allows us to craft tailor-made and bespoke solutions for each project.

Our services encompass full-service interior design, product design, and graphic design.

Based in Amsterdam, byKK’s international reach is evident through the ongoing projects located in various parts of the world.

Whether it’s creating a luxury hotel experience or designing a welcoming retail space, ByKK’s mission is to transform spaces into unforgettable destinations that captivate and inspire.